Slow Motion is a fantastic technique which can have drastically different meanings depending on how it is used. On one hand, it can create an instant disconnect from reality and what the viewer thinks of as ‘commonplace’. This allows us to add a fantasy element to a video, instantly making a shot feel more cinematic and impressive. But our favourite way to use slow motion here at Spearhead is to bring out the beauty and details in specific moments of time. A smile or laugh in slow motion for instance lets the viewer really engage with that moment, creating a sort of heightened reality and giving them sense that what they are watching should be cherished and enjoyed while it lasts.Slow motion can make the ordinary feel incredible, and that is why we love it.

Time lapse video of bat mitzvah


A time-lapse is created by taking a still image at regular intervals (for example 1 every second) and then stitching them together to create video. The effect this creates is in many ways the opposite of slow motion; it speeds up the real world dramatically and gives us a fantastic way to show progression. People working in a time-lapse appear fast, efficient and productive, without the viewer feeling like they have been manipulated.


Animation is a fantastic way of showing and explaining concepts that would be difficult to show in real world footage. For example, software and online business frequently use animations to explain their projects, how else could you visually and simply show services such as cloud storage? The potential of animation is limitless.