How we work

Use of Creativity, Experience and Technology for High Quality Video Campaigns

At Spearhead, we focus our creativity and experience on your business.

Well developed messages, strong stories and creative ideas are at the heart of our work. We use them to build powerful content marketing and video marketing campaigns.

Whether you need help in developing initial messaging or already have a clear vision of a final product, Spearhead Productions can help. We have a well-defined and effective process to guide you through from first steps to final goals.

Section 1: Listen

We listen to what you would like to achieve with your video marketing campaign and understand the reasons for making the video and who you are aiming to target with the production. We then create a plan to identify the objectives of the project and uncover the most effective way of talking to your audience.

Section 2: Audience and Message

We gain insight about your target audience and create the perfect message that resonates with the viewers and ensured the success of your video campaign.

Section 3: Visualise

This is where the fun begins. We brainstorm, write all the ideas down, sketch visuals and plan the perfect creative solution.

Section 4: Create

With the plan in place, we go behind the cameras and shoot the video and start editing. We work as a team with you, keep you up-to-date and organise feedback sessions so that you are satisfied with the final result.

Session 5: Deliver

Once the video is created we will support you to make sure it reaches the right target audience. With our marketing experts in house, we can help you create the right strategy to reach to the right target audience via different marketing platforms.

Session 6: Analyse

With our Marketing expertise in-house, we can coach you on developing a strategy on how to analyse the success of your video campaign on various social media platforms.